Getting started with blankit is easy

Here’s how to arrange a new benefits package with blankit in a few simple steps.

If you’d like to transfer an existing benefits plan to blankit, call us at 1-844-4-blankit (1-844-425-2654) and we’ll help you out.

step 1 / Your Company Information

Tell us about your company

First things first: we need to collect a few details about your company, your employees, and the type of coverage you want.

We’ll use this information to round up instant quotes from Canada’s top insurance providers.

screenshot of blankit survey


Choose the best quote for your people

The best coverage for your needs will depend on:

  • checkThe types of coverage your people need
  • checkThe levels of coverage you’re able to provide
  • checkYour budget

If you get stuck at any point, shoot us a message or call 1-844-4-blankit and our team will help you out.

screenshot of selection of quotes


Create your blankit account

Welcome to your blankit dashboard! Complete the quick questionnaire to finalize your quote.

This extra step helps us check that the quote you’ve selected is perfectly suited to your company’s needs before you sign any paperwork.

screenshot of signup screen


Add your employees to blankit

Connect your HRIS platform to blankit and import employee details in a single click. You can also add employees manually if you prefer.

Once everyone on your team has been added, blankit will send a welcome email to your employees and automatically collect online enrolment forms.

As the account administrator, you can see who needs to submit outstanding forms via your blankit dashboard.

add your employees screen

step 5 / You're Done!

You’re all set

Now that your employees are set up in blankit, it’s time for us to send everything off to your insurance company.

You’ll receive:

  • checkYour policy number and plan confirmation within 5 days
  • checkYour welcome kit and drug cards within 2 weeks
dashboard screen

We can also host a Lunch & Learn for your employees

Once your policy is confirmed, we’ll reach out to see if you’d like us to set up a Lunch & Learn for your team.

During the 30-minute session, we’ll outline:

  • checkLevels of coverage
  • checkHow to make a claim
  • checkHow blankit responds to changes you make changes in your HR platform

The session is optional, free of charge, and designed to save you time.

blankit makes it easier for you to arrange and manage coverage for your team.

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