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blankit is an all-in-one employee benefits management solution that streamlines your quoting process and integrates with major HRIS platforms.

Easier— and more accurate— employee benefits management.

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Why Use blankit

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Handle benefits management from one neutral platform

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Generate quotes, automated reminders, and get the information you need from employees quickly and easily

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Our chatbot means administrators spend less time answering questions

Lightning-fast rating engine

Our rating engine allows companies and their employees to design coverage that fits their needs

Companies can get quotes quickly from multiple insurance providers to make the best choice

Advisors can use the quoting platform as an internal tool or embed it into their website


blankit's HRIS Integrations

We integrate with platforms like BambooHR, PeopleHR, BreatheHR, and more integrations to come

blankit automatically generates an email to the employee to collect the appropriate data and sends it to their insurance company

Every integration is simple, seamless, and easy


No paperwork, for anyone

Employers and employees are guided through the forms and questions they need to answer, and everything is legible

All paperwork is signed digitally and then sent back to blankit

No printing or scanning required


blankit's Slack bot

blankit lightens HR responsibilities with chatbots that can intelligently answer employees’ questions about their coverage

Clients can get answers to their coverage questions instantly right in Slack, without having to call or email customer service

We're starting with a Slack bot, and an SMS is on the way

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